Glenbrooke Woods Common Areas

Association Stormwater Management Ponds

The Common areas that border the cul-de-sac ends of Timber Wood Way and Glenbrooke Woods Drive are home to two Fairfax County Storm Water Management Ponds.

Storm Water Management ponds are designed to manage the flow of storm water. Fairfax County maintains a large number of storm water management ponds.

In 2004 the county repaired the storm water management ponds in our common area.

More information on the Fairfax County Storm Water Management pods can be found at

Wet weather and a high water table can contribute to soggy backyards for residents on the ends of Glenbrooke Woods Drive and Timber Wood Way. This could lead to mosquitoes. Mosquito larvae require 7-10 days of standing water for a suitable breeding area and to produce adult, predatory mosquitoes.

Fairfax County website has information and recommendations on how to control mosquitos at:

Fairfax County also has a number of publications on mosquitos and other insect nuisances, including this one which has tips on Mosquito Control

For mosquito control, the county recommends residents purchase a pet safe product called Mosquito Dunks. to be used in any standing water to prevent mosquito larvae from maturing. Mosquito Dunks can be found at all area home centers, as well as online.