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GWHOA Board of Directors Meetings

The GWHOA Board of Directors (BOD) meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month at 7PM.

Home Owners are most welcome to attend, but please call to verify meeting details. 
Contact K Ulans at 703.860.8687 for more details.

  GWHOA Architectural Committee Meetings

The GWHOA Architectural Committee meets, as needed, before the BOD meeting.

Home Owners are most welcome to attend. 
For more details contact K Ulans at 703.860.8687.


GWHOA Future Events

         2018 Board Meeting Schedule:
         January Board Meeting: January 11th 7PM
         February Board Meeting: February 8th 7PM
         March Board Meeting: March 8th 7PM
         April Board Meeting: April 12th 7PM
         May Board Meeting: May 10th 7PM
         June Board Meeting: June 7th 7PM
         July Board Meeting: July 12th 7PM
         August Board Meeting: August 9th 7PM
         September Board Meeting: September 13th 7PM
         October Board Meeting: October 11th 7PM
         November Board Meeting: November 8th 7PM
         December Board Meeting: December 13th 7PM


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